days #32 – #37: louisiana, texas, & new mexico

Dad says we “pulled a lot of miles” this past week.

We got to stay with friends and see lots of cool places and do lots of fun stuff.  Check out my video below for the details.

Watch my next video for our time in the Grand Canyon!  Bye.

6 Replies to “days #32 – #37: louisiana, texas, & new mexico”

  1. Umm, I totally have a happy food dance too!!! Dave you’ve got some serious connections, friends who make cheese and friends who make wine!!! I love that Keaton was just twirling her umbrella under the spray of the water while shooting her video!

  2. Hi Keaton, looks like you are taking good care of Cohen, that’s good, you have a very handsome little brother. I loved your video and can’t wait to see you at the Grand Canyon. Love you, your Grandpa

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