days #41 – #45: hoover dam, las vegas, and bishop (the end!!)

It’s hard to believe that our odyssey is over!

We closed the trip with good friends back in California for the Fourth.

Here’s my last video! ┬áHope you enjoyed watching our trip.

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  1. Hi Keaton, I really enjoyed your blog, looks like you had a great fourth of July. I bet you are glad to be home and see your friends again. See you soon, Love you, your Grandpa

  2. Wow – looks to me like the end of the trip was the most fun of all! What a great journey and I loved being able to “ride” along with you to see everything you saw. Thanks for sharing with us – it was great! By the way, did I hear your little brother say “water” when you were all watching the water fountain at the Bellagio? Sure sounded like it to me. Thanks again for sharing, Keaton – we’ll see ya soon!

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