days #21 – #24: north carolina

We went to visit a friend who lives right off the Blue Ridge Parkway, we visited the Andy Griffith Museum and toured Andy Griffith’s hometown (dad loves Andy Griffith), and we stayed a couple days with old friends of mom and dad’s.

It was a really fun few days, especially when there were kids around for me to play with.

Now we’re headed to Florida! ¬†See you in a few days when I post another video!

days #16 – #20: american history

We went to Gettysburg, Washington D.C., and Colonial Williamsburg.

Check out my newest video just below (sorry it took so long, Dad said we’ve had “stubborn” internet these past days). Next we’re off to spend some time with friends and family. I’ll post more in another few days!

Thanks for watching.

days #13 – #15: ohio & niagara falls

We’re driving south towards Gettysburg & Antietam after two days at Niagara Falls.

After checking out some Civil War battlefields, we’re staying with my dad’s aunt and uncle and then we’ll spend a day touring Washington D.C.

Hope you enjoy my latest video!

PS – The ranger didn’t have my bike; someone stole it right from our campsite while we were touring the falls ūüôĀ

days #9 – #12: iowa & illinois

We spent the afternoon with friends in small-town Iowa and then rolled on to Illinois we were spent two nights at Starved Rock State Park.  It was three fun days!

Now we’re on our way to¬†Niagara¬†Falls in New York! ¬†My next video will probably come after that.

Thanks for watching!

days #7 & #8: south dakota

We have been on the road a week & we spent the past two days in South Dakota.

We saw the Crazy Horse Memorial, Mt. Rushmore, the Black Hills, Wall Drug, and the Badlands.  It was fun and we even got some sun after all that rain.

Check out the video below!

days #3 – #6: yellowstone

We just spent an awesome four days in Yellowstone!

Dad said we had no connection the whole time so he couldn’t share the videos I made. ¬†But, today we made it out of the park (we almost didn’t!, we got 6″ of snow the last night and had to take a 250mi “detour” out the north side!). ¬†Check out the two videos I made from the fun times we had right below!

In two days we’re going to see Mt. Rushmore! ¬†Talk to you later and thanks for reading.

day #2

It rained almost the entire drive today.  Luckily, when we got to Idaho Falls we had a few afternoon hours of sunlight to play around.

Here’s today’s video; once again dad had to trim down the quality to get it up these sorry RV-park wifis.

Tomorrow we head through Grand Teton National Park on our way to a multi-day stop in Yellowstone.  Talk to you later!

day #1

Here’s my first post from the road.

Dad said he had to reduce the quality of the video because the wireless at the RV park was choking on the upload.

But, you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.


There’s not much here yet, but you can check the About My Journal page (link at the top) for some information.

With the help of my mom and dad, I’ll start posting here as the trip gets closer.

Talk to you then.