our road trip story

In 2011 our family decided to rent an RV and take a cross-country trip. None of us had ever RV’d before, so our six-week, twenty-eight state American odyssey was perhaps a bit ambitious & maybe even quixotic. All of us thoroughly enjoyed that adventure, and that’s when we initially established roadtripwith.us.

In 2015 we struck-out again, this time in our very own RV (a 30-foot Thor ACE which we lovingly call The FaceDragon).  This time we were on the road for nine weeks, and set a goal of hitting all new locations from what we saw in our first trip, and we documented everything here.  Again, we had a blast.

In late 2018 after much saving, planning, and more than a couple pensive, “are we really doing this?,” moments, we made the choice to go on the road full-time for a year.    Different from our journeys of 2011 and 2015, this is our full-time life now, including homeschooling our two kids along the way.

When not intrusive, we’ll use this corner of the internet to share & document our experiences living on the road.