Well friends, we know… we know.  We are so far behind at this point.

But, I will remind everyone that our original goal was to do these videos as long as they didn’t become disruptive to our goals on the trip.  I guess my (Dave) long hiatus from editing means they weren’t high on my non-disruptive list.  Keaton, however, came to the rescue and took over 100% of the production work this time (and will do so moving forward, as I think she did a bang-up job).

So without further ado, here’s Keaton’s take on Hawaii – a trip apparently she and she alone went on, without her mom or dad or brother or grandparents.

What’s more, she’s already champing at the bit to start working on the next video and getting us proper caught-up.  Nice work Keaton.

Up to Seattle & back down again

Not even gonna start this entry with apologies for the gap in posting.  Stuff got busy and we always said we’d upload as much as we could as long as the work didn’t detract from the experience.  So here we are and here’s what we have.

That said, we are working hard to catch our videos up to the present.  This installment covers our the northernmost apex of our trip – into Seattle, where we visited friends for a while and then turned FaceDragon around to come back down through Oregon and back into California.  We saw the city, spent a day at Mt. St. Helens, and saw some more friends along the way.

Next installment we’ll cover our week on Muai and then get back on the road in the continental US.

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Until then!

More Oregon: Tillamook State Forest & Portland!

A bit of a catch-up video being that we’re woefully behind on editing.  This will take us through our awesome trip to Portland, where we spent a few days after coming up the Oregon coast.  We had a great time seeing and spending time with friends, and are excited to share some highlights with you.

Up next, our time in Seattle, Mount St. Helens, and Shasta!

Hope you enjoy it & we’ll see you then!

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PS – Keaton wanted everyone to know that Dad picked the music this time, and she is deeply sorry for the lameness.

Bastendorff Beach, Oregon

The latest from our travels.

We intended to stay at Bullard’s Beach State Park, but they were 100% full with no sites available when we rolled in.  We pulled to the side of the road and Google’d around until we found a county park just a ways up the road.  A short drive and we were there.  We liked it so much we spent a few nights in the coastal fog & sea air.

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See you soon!

Patrick’s Point, Oregon

As usual, our videos lag our travels.  We’re running about two stops behind.  We blame time to edit and poor access to internet.

But, here we are with our 2nd finished product.  This video documents our stay at Patrick’s Point, our first stop in Oregon.  Keaton’s camera technique is getting better, although we’re still struggling with audio a bit.  We tried normalizing levels a bit more in this video, and we’ll continue to learn.  Keaton’s getting pretty good at knowing what I’m going to do next as my backseat video editor.  So good she’ll be editing on her own in no time.

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See you soon!

Interlude: Cohen’s Treasure, Part 1

While Keaton and I work on getting our next travel video ready, we wanted to share a little movie Cohen and I started.  Inspired by the discovery of a “secret path” near our campsite, Cohen devised the below timeless storyline, improvised all dialog, and has given us a fine solo performance.

He wanted to be sure I called this “Part 1” to avoid any confusion about there being more to come.


Beginnings: Westport Beach for Labor Day weekend

We began our (almost) year on the road with a weekend trip to Westport Beach in Northern California, hoping for a repeat of an excellent trip this same weekend last year.  It was a great few days with friends.

Keaton gets credit for all the raw footage, and we did most of the editing together.  We’re planning on getting better with time – this is our first go with some new software… there are some audio (and other) issues.

Thanks for following!