day #2

It rained almost the entire drive today.  Luckily, when we got to Idaho Falls we had a few afternoon hours of sunlight to play around.

Here’s today’s video; once again dad had to trim down the quality to get it up these sorry RV-park wifis.

Tomorrow we head through Grand Teton National Park on our way to a multi-day stop in Yellowstone.  Talk to you later!

9 Replies to “day #2”

  1. Keaton,
    Looks like you are having fun, I really like your blog. Keep them coming.
    Uncle Tom in Florida

  2. Hi Keaton. It’s Rylee. Why did you say “what” so much? I like to sleep on the top bunk like you. It looks like you are having a great time in your RV. And your little brother is really cute. See you at my Papa’s cabin!

    1. Hi Rylee!

      I said “what?” so much because it’s pretty loud inside the RV when Dad is on the highway and I can’t hear what people are saying. It’ll be so cool to see you at the cabin. Bye!

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