days #3 – #6: yellowstone

We just spent an awesome four days in Yellowstone!

Dad said we had no connection the whole time so he couldn’t share the videos I made.  But, today we made it out of the park (we almost didn’t!, we got 6″ of snow the last night and had to take a 250mi “detour” out the north side!).  Check out the two videos I made from the fun times we had right below!

In two days we’re going to see Mt. Rushmore!  Talk to you later and thanks for reading.

10 Replies to “days #3 – #6: yellowstone”

  1. Grace says “That’s Cool!”
    Noraa says “Keaton, I like when you laugh and when you say the RV stuff!”
    Sam says “Happy Birthday Keaton! Batman Keaton! Yep… No, No, don’t… Don’t freak out.”

    And I say… Thanks so much for keeping us updated. Looks like you guys are really having a great time!

  2. Hi Keaton! I thought it was funny when you said Wyami instead of Wyoming. And why did your mom sing that song??? My mom wants to see your video of Mt. Rushmore.

    1. Hi again Rylee, thanks for writing to me!

      My mom said she sang that song because it is “the jam.” My dad is working on the Mt. Rushmore video right now!

  3. Hi Keaton, keep an eye on Cohen and have fun. Looking forward to your video of Mt. Rushmore. Love you, Grandpa

  4. ” I’m cold and I’m wet” … ” You’re also annoying” Oh that gave me a good laugh!! Your video blogs are awesome!

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