days #9 – #12: iowa & illinois

We spent the afternoon with friends in small-town Iowa and then rolled on to Illinois we were spent two nights at Starved Rock State Park.  It was three fun days!

Now we’re on our way to Niagara Falls in New York!  My next video will probably come after that.

Thanks for watching!

10 Replies to “days #9 – #12: iowa & illinois”

  1. The pink lipstick was a nice touch!! Keaton you must have some pretty cool connections to get to ride in a fire truck; so cool!

  2. Really enjoyed your blog Keaton, it looks like Illinois is really beautiful. Did you know your Grandpa was born about 90 miles from where you camped. I visited that park when I was your age. Love you, your Grandpa

  3. Wow, Keaton! That waterfall was really beautiful. But it wasn’t as pretty as that cool mood lipstick you were wearing.:) Hobby Hobson just loves watching your videos. He replays them over and over and over again! We love you. Kiss your mom, dad and baby brother, Co-Co for us! Love, Uncle Doug, Aunt Breck, Hobby Hobs and Baby A

  4. Thanks for bringing Hanlontown to life for us, Keaton! And the trees and waterfalls in Illinois were so pretty. How come you didn’t go in the water?

  5. WOW – you must really know some “important” people. It looks like you had so much fun with your friends but I’m still wondering what happened to the ant on the tree?

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