days #13 – #15: ohio & niagara falls

We’re driving south towards Gettysburg & Antietam after two days at Niagara Falls.

After checking out some Civil War battlefields, we’re staying with my dad’s aunt and uncle and then we’ll spend a day touring Washington D.C.

Hope you enjoy my latest video!

PS – The ranger didn’t have my bike; someone stole it right from our campsite while we were touring the falls 🙁

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  1. Note from Emma: Hi Keaton! I like your video, I saw a waterfall too. It was very, very big. I saw it at Colorado. I am going on a trip this summer too. We are going to ride on a pony and live at Disney like we are cowboy pony girls and have a campfire. I have a little brother too and his name is Evan and he is number 1 (one years old). He likes Cheerios too.

    (Note from Emma’s mommy: Hello Keaton, I used to go to school with your Mommy and Daddy. Emma and I love watching your videos of your family’s road trip. We hope you are having a wonderful time seeing the country!)

    1. Hi Emma!

      Thanks for writing to me (and watching my videos)! My mom and dad told me they know your mom from highschool, that’s cool. One day I will be in highschool.

      Your trip to Disney sounds fun; I asked my parents if I could go, but they always say, “we’ll see,” and, “maybe.”

      Hope to hear from you again soon!

  2. Hi Keaton, sorry about your bike, but it looks like you are having a great time. I really enjoy your blog. Love you, Grandpa

  3. Hi Keaton – so sorry some not-nice person took your bike. Your video of the falls was really great – I think this looks like my favorite stop on your journey so far. I talked to Aunt Cynthia and she is very excited about having you come see her. She says it will be very hot there but you probably already know that. They have a really cool house with a huge yard in the woods where you can see lots of animals – deer, squirrels, birds, etc. Hope you have a good time and keep those videos coming. I really like them!

    Love you, Grammy

  4. Sorry about your bike Keaton. I would have stuck your bike inside the RV. Looks like fun being there at Niagra Falls & the mist luv it!! Enjoy Gettysburg;)

    1. Hi Janice!

      Tell Jacque I said “hi!” I miss her.

      And, actually, my mom did ask my dad if he wanted to put the bike on the RV before we left, but he said, “No, it’ll be OK.” I’m alright though; we’re going to try and find a new bike somewhere along the trip.

      See you later!

  5. Keaton,

    I like your video, it’s so cool. I love watching your videos! I wish nobody would steal your bike, so sad. At least you had a really good trip. I hope you have a nice time the rest of the time. Thanks for the postcards=) Miss you Keaton.


  6. Hi Keaton. A tree fell down in my yard. And I found a worm with a tail that fell off with Zach. Why is Cohen eating?

    1. Hi Colton!

      Your comment made me laugh. Cohen is eating so he can stop crying. Sorry about your tree.

      See you in July!

  7. Hello from your new Canadian friends!! I am just now getting to visit your site and I CAN NOT believe that someone stole Keaton’s bike while you were at The Falls. Who steals a little girls Honestly!
    I hope you enjoyed The Falls and that rest of your trip is going well.

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