days #16 – #20: american history

We went to Gettysburg, Washington D.C., and Colonial Williamsburg.

Check out my newest video just below (sorry it took so long, Dad said we’ve had “stubborn” internet these past days). Next we’re off to spend some time with friends and family. I’ll post more in another few days!

Thanks for watching.

10 Replies to “days #16 – #20: american history”

  1. I think my parents bought me that same exact flute when we wen to Williamsburg 25 years ago! Did it come with a beige book of songs you could play by chance?

  2. What a historical moment! Can’t wait to see where u guys are headed next and drink tons of water;) have fun!

  3. Keaton, I have enjoyed your journal so much! You make me smile! 🙂 Looks like you and your family are having so much fun together. Safe travels!

  4. Hi Keaton, It looks like you are having a great time on your trip. You should be in Florida soon and it will be nice and cool compared to Washington D.C. Have fun and take good care of Cohen. Love you, Grandpa

  5. Keaton,
    You were made for the movie business. I really like watching you and your family on the road. Has your mother drove that rig yet?
    I can see a RV for your family in the future.
    Uncle Tom in Florida

  6. Hi Keaton! I’m sorry Washington D.C. was so hot for you. Maybe that’s why all the Congressmen and Senators get grumpy sometimes. Did your Daddy tell you that I get to work in the Capitol sometimes?

    1. Hi Colton’s mommy!

      My dad kept telling me, “Kristi gets to work here” the whole time we were in D.C. It was really hot!!

      I had fun on the bus. Thanks for watching!

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