days #21 – #24: north carolina

We went to visit a friend who lives right off the Blue Ridge Parkway, we visited the Andy Griffith Museum and toured Andy Griffith’s hometown (dad loves Andy Griffith), and we stayed a couple days with old friends of mom and dad’s.

It was a really fun few days, especially when there were kids around for me to play with.

Now we’re headed to Florida!  See you in a few days when I post another video!

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  1. Lol!!!…. Solo ride on the cooler scooter??? Did Dave get into the secret cabinet (liquor that is)?? I do love the Andy Griffith Museum segment as well. Where’s Opi Taylor at? Have fun guys and keep the videos coming;)

  2. Hi Keaton, looks like you are really having fun in North Carolina. It is one of my very favorite places. It is really a beautiful state. Ask your dad about his ring, he mined the star sapphire in North Carolina at a mine in Ashville. Have fun in Florida, Tom says it is nice and cool now. Love you, your Grandpa

  3. Keaton,

    I hope you have a nice time going to Florida. I hope you are doing well. Miss you and glad you are having fun!! Bye.


  4. Ava say’s she misses Keaton and she wishes she lived in California too.
    I say, I gotta get Larry a Cooler Scooter for Father’s Day!!! TOO COOL!!!!!
    Happy Travel!!
    The McVitties

    1. Hi Ava!

      It’s so cool to hear from you. My dad liked the Cooler Scooter too, he might try to build one. My mom lost your address but I want to send you something. Can you email it to me (

      I hope you’re having a good time in Canada. Maybe I can see you again someday. Bye!

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