days #25 – #28: florida

We had an awesome time in Florida!

Check out all the things I did and people I visited in my newest video below!

Dad said the next video should coming soon.  Thanks for watching.

6 Replies to “days #25 – #28: florida”

  1. Wow – it sure looks like you guys had fun in Florida. I especially love the pictures of you in the Swamp – I thought you were gonna run the whole way for a touchdown!

  2. Hi Keaton, It is a beautiful day here in Oregon and I know it is beautiful in Destin where you are. Looks like you had a really great time in Florida. Have fun at the beach and take good care of Cohen. Love you, Grandpa

  3. What! On the field at ben hill!! Keaton you must be one of the luckiest kids I know! Sure looks like yall had an awsome time

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